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About Raleigh Student Tutoring

We understand that students across North Carolina have been affected by the pandemic in many ways. As a response, Raleigh Student Tutoring is a free online tutoring service run by high school and college volunteers for helping students with their academic coursework. As students ourselves, we recognize the importance of catering to the unique needs of each child we tutor. Our tutors are educated in a variety of subjects from math to foreign languages and are excited to help with homework or even teach lessons!

We are currently happily serving over 50 families and students located throughout the Triangle!


Check out our sister website Orlando Student Tutoring here! 

** Raleigh Student Tutoring is currently low on staff, so new submissions may not be quickly paired. Just know, we pay attention to every submission and appreciate your patience. We are happily continuing with all current matches. We thank you for your understanding, and are working on this! **


How We Can Help


Homework questions? Challenging problem? Our tutors are specialized in many different subjects and would be happy to help!


Need extra practice with a topic? Our tutors can teach lessons based on your child's curriculum. We can also organize worksheets or other resources to help reinforce the knowledge. 


Our tutors can teach skills and strategies for all different kinds of tests! From classroom unit tests to standardized testing like the ACT and SAT, our tutors are able to share some of our most favorite tips and tricks.

**We currently have a limited number of tutors qualified to tutor ACT/SAT, but we are happy to discuss arrangements!


As high school students, we have come across great resources that have helped us and many others learn. Whether it be extra worksheets or video lessons, our team can help you find the right materials to help your child succeed.