What makes our tutors qualified?

Our tutors are hand selected as some of the strongest students amongst their classes. Tutors must demonstrate proficiency inside the classroom and within their extracurricular activities. Additionally, tutors are only able to tutor a subject if they have received an A- and above in the corresponding AP (Advanced Placement, college-level) class. We understand that although high marks can be impressive, it takes more than a high grade for a student to be qualified in a subject. Therefore, our tutors must also demonstrate genuine interest in their selected subject and in committing their time to collaborate with the students they work with. Tutors are required to have taken multiple courses in the corresponding area throughout their academic career. Additionally, we are typically asking each tutor to “specialize” in one to two subjects to ensure dedication and expertise within their area. 





Grade: 11

Strengths: Math

Description: Loves playing tennis and spends his time participating in Public Forum debate and working for the school’s physics and Science Olympiad teams. He has taken math courses up through AP Calculus AB.


Katherine He

Grade: 11

Strengths: Math

Description: Takes part in speech, plays on her school’s varsity tennis team, and plays the piano. Co-founder and leader of school’s Forecasting Club. Has taken math up to AP Calculus AB.




Grade: 12

Strengths: Math and ACT Science

Description: Takes part in soccer, singing, making music, and programming. He has sung choral music and played the piano for over 8 years and attended Governor's School in 2019. He has traveled overseas to teach Chinese students as well. He is currently the Executive Student Council Secretary and has been a part of the Student Council for the last two years. He loves service and has spent over 90+ hours volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. He has taken math courses up to AP Calculus BC and has taken AP Physics. He scored in the 99th percentile of High School Students on the ACT.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math

Description: Member of his school’s Physics Team, which participated in USAYPT. He has participated in competition math through middle school and high school. Also partakes in extemporaneous speech. Owen has taken Algebra 1 and 2 Honors, Geometry Honors, Pre Calculus Honors, and AP Calculus AB.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math and English (ACT Reading/Writing)

Description: Alex has been a nationally ranked year-round swimmer for 9 years now. He is also a competitive 'speecher,' having won a few national tournaments in Humorous Interpretation. He is currently the Vice-President of his class and a leader of his school's Tri-M Music Honor's Society chapter. Alex scored within the 99th percentile for the ACT. In his spare time, he plays music with Healing Hands, a local organization which provides hospitalized patients and their families live music on the weekends.


Nica Kostenko

Grade: 12

Strengths: Math

Description: Nica was a gymnast for 11 years before becoming a recreational gymnastics coach at her local gym. She enjoys going to Speech and Debate tournaments on the weekends and helping out with the Triangle Debate League. She has taken AP Environmental Science, AP Physics C: Mechanics, and math courses up to Calculus AB. She has also scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math and History (ACT Reading)

Description: Jane plays on the school varsity volleyball team, tutors ESL students, and is a member of the school speech and debate team. She also serves on the leadership team of the Triangle Debate League. She scored a 36 on ACT Reading in middle school and will take AP German, AP US History, AP Calculus AB/BC, and AP Physics C: Mechanics this year.





Grade: 12

Strengths: Chemistry and Math

Description: Phoebe runs cross-country and track (indoor and outdoor), taught herself clarinet and tenor saxophone, and plays piano. Former classes include AP Chemistry, math through AP Calc BC, AP Chinese, AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. She also has co-written a research paper in mathematical modeling, and scored in the 99th percentile for the SAT.




Grade: 12

Strengths: Math and Biology

Description: Emily is a nationally ranked Extemporaneous Speaker, leads the National Honor Society, is a member of Student Council, and is a leader of Model United Nations. She has tutored numerous elementary and middle schoolers learning English as a second language. She has scored in the 99th percentile of high school students on the ACT. She has taken math courses through AP Calculus AB. She’s also taken Physics Mechanics Honors and AP Biology.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math

Description: Eric has played the piano for over 10 years and plays for an ensemble in NCCMI. He was also a part of his school’s ACSL team in sophomore year and had a perfect score through the regular season. He has also volunteered in helping to tutor refugee students throughout high school. He took AP Calculus AB/BC in sophomore year and scored a 5 on the AP exam, and is taking Calculus III in junior year. He scored a 1570 on the SAT with a perfect 800 in math, as well as a perfect score on the PreACT.




Grade: 12

Strengths: Chemistry and Math

Description: Grace has been playing violin for 11 years, and she leads her school's Share the Music Club to perform for the community. She is the co-founder and leader of the Forecasting Club, as well as co-captain of Science Olympiad. She has taken AP Chemistry, math courses up to AP Calculus AB, AP Microeconomics, and AP Macroeconomics.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Chemistry and Math

Description: Aryan is an avid debater and has been competing for two years, having placed at a few local and national tournaments. This year, he is the captain of the Public Forum team at his high school. He was also elected as a Student Council representative for his class and ran a free virtual camp this summer through the Triangle Debate League. He has taken math courses up to Honors Precalculus and is currently completing Calculus AB this summer. Additionally, he has also taken Biology and Chemistry in his freshman and sophomore years respectively. 

World Language




Grade: 12

Strengths: Spanish and Math

Description: Plays on the Varsity Soccer team, dances competitively, and played piano for 10 years. She is a co-leader of her school’s Apiary Club. She has taken AP Calculus AB, as well as APUSH and AP Spanish Language and will continue in AP Spanish Literature next year. She is currently learning Italian and Japanese.


Sarah Hallman

Grade: 12

Strengths: English and French

Description: Sarah is involved with her school’s Women’s Health and Well-Being committee as part of their service club, in which they volunteer for struggling women throughout the community. She will also be president of the HOSA Club and will attend the International Leadership Conference this summer. She has taken AP Language, AP French, AP Chemistry, and AP Computer Science. She has tutored in Chemistry through NHS and would love to continue tutoring for as long as possible.




Grade: 12

Strengths: English and Spanish

Description: Jordan plays competitive soccer and has been a member of the Varsity Soccer team for 4 years. Additionally, she will captain the Varsity Swim team which she has been a member of for 6 years. She created and developed a research documentary which qualified as a World-Wide Finalist at National History Day competition; she loves to write essays and research projects!
She has taken AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish Language (will continue in AP Spanish Literature next year), AP Economics, and AP English.





Grade: 12

Strengths: English and Math

Description: Anisha has played varsity lacrosse all 3 years of high school and is the captain of the extemporaneous speaking team. She also scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT with an 1580. She has taken both AP Calculus AB and AP Language and Composition. She has also taken AP U.S. History and AP Physics Mechanics.




Grade: 12

Strengths: Math and French

Description: Nisma has been a competitive year-round swimmer since she was 9 years old, as well as the committee leader for the Women’s Rights and Wellbeing service committee (as part of her school’s service club) for two years. She loves languages and has taken French for the past 6 years, completed AP French Language and Culture, and plans to take the AP course again next year. She loves to teach helpful tips and tricks to all tutees, and she has taken math courses through AP Calculus AB. 




Grade: 12

Strengths: English and Spanish

Description: Jordan is the Secretary/Treasurer for her school’s African American Affinity Group. She has participated in varsity track and field and varsity cheerleading for 2 years. She has taken up to AP Spanish Language and will progress to AP Spanish Literature. Jordan has also taken up to AP Language and Composition and plans to continue in AP English Literature next year. In addition, she has taken AP Government and Politics.




Grade: 12

Strengths: English and Math

Description: Austin is involved in Model United Nations, National Honor Society, and his school's music department as a clarinetist. He is entering his second year as a Clarinet Section Leader in his school's Marching Band and has won multiple Model UN awards, including at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has taken math up to AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics, as well as both AP Physics 1 (Mechanics) and AP Physics 2 (Electricity and Magnetism). He has also succeeded in classes such as AP English Language and Composition, AP United States History, AP Environmental Science, and AP Computer Science.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math and English 

Description: Sydney plays tennis competitively for the Varsity team and has also been playing piano for ten years. She has served as head of novice training on the Speech team and is ranked in the Top 20 nationally in Declamation. She is the Co-leader of the Environmental club and two-year member of Student Council. She has taken math up to AP Calculus AB.




Grade: 11

Strengths: English and Math

Description: Outside of the classroom, Natasha is the Lincoln Douglas Debate Manager on her debate team, she is co-captain of Model UN, participates in climate activism, takes part in entrepreneurship competitions, and is a volunteer assistant teacher at her temple. Natasha has taken math courses up to Algebra II, takes classes in Chinese, and has taken numerous history courses in different topics. Natasha is also studying for the SAT and scores within the top 99th percentile of high schoolers on the SAT.




Grade: 11

Strengths: Math and English 

Description: Casey is a Lincoln Douglas Debate team captain at his school and has placed at many national tournaments like Yale where he made it to semifinals.  He is a member of his school’s Judicial Board and a leader on his Science Olympiad team.  He is passionate about running both cross country and track. On the SAT, Casey scores in the 99th percentile. In his free time, he leads a service group that helps the elderly by aiding at local retirement homes





Grade: 12

Strengths: History and English (ACT Reading)

Description: Ashley has been a member of a competitive dance team for 7 years. She is President of a community service club, involved in National Honor Society, and is a group leader in Leaders Club. She has taken AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP English Language, and AP US History. She also scored a 35 composite on the ACT.





Grade: 12

Strengths: English and History

Description: Lincoln enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports and weightlifting in his free time. He plays varsity baseball, competes in powerlifting and participates in Public Forum debate. He has taken AP US History and AP English Language and is currently studying for the US History and English Literature SAT Subject Tests. He has also scored a 36 on the ACT.


Arielle (Ari)


Grade: 12

Strengths: English and History

Description: Arielle plays varsity basketball and participates in 3 choirs - school, church, and a traveling choir. When she’s not at speech tournaments, she does community service and serves on the board of her NCL class. Arielle has taken AP U.S. History, AP Calculus AB and AP Language and Composition, and plans to continue with AP English Literature and AP Government and Politics next year. She also scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.




Grade: 12

Strengths: History and English

Description: She enjoys singing, having been a part of two choirs and the school musical. She is a pitcher on her softball team and swims as well. Additionally, she enjoys reading, baking, and knitting. She has taken AP US History and AP English Language.


Olivia Zimmerman

Grade: 12

Strengths: ACT English and US History

Description: Olivia is a captain of interpretation on her school's Speech and Debate team, has a passion for the environment, and loves animals. She was a competitive gymnast for many years and is now a coach. She has taken AP Environmental Science and AP US History.